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I can tell you now that when my husband Paul and I started the Share the Love Charity Event 6 years ago now, at that time, we never dreamed that our initial fundraiser, a small tennis tournament for some of our friends, would grow to the point where more than $500,000 has been raised to benefit Make-A-Wish and our local Wish Kids.  Certainly, this is yet another story of how the human spirit can leap incredible hurdles and how when you put your mind to something, “No” is not an option!  Along the way, we have been more than thankful to our loyal merchants, donors and participants who continue to choose our Event as their preferred charity.  Paul and I have no doubt that this story could not be told without the support of our friends and supporters.

We have also been blessed to meet some new friends during this incredible journey.  Tim and Angela Martin, the owners of Caddyshack in Palm Desert, have been our Event Sponsor for the past 2 years.  I know they love our Wish Kids as much as we do!  The Berger Foundation has likewise recognized our efforts and has made generous contributions; thank you Ron, Sherry and Catharine for believing in us. The Douglas Foundation has come on board this year and we thank Joel and JoAnne for the ‘light’ they too have brought to our kids. 

And to The Champions Volunteer Foundation, Cindy Pieper at Sate Farm, Union Bank, and Vintage Nursery you each have written your own chapter in the Share the Love Story; thank you!

Our message this is year is Light A Life!  We chose this theme as a testament to the human spirit.  Through working with Make-A-Wish, Paul and I wholeheartedly know and understand the ‘power of a wish’ for these children.  For some, having their special wish granted has been the medicine that helped them endure and fight back better and stronger.  Through this Event, whatever role you play, you add a spark to the light of life for these children.  Your support and contributions will never be forgotten.

Yes, it’s true Paul and I started Share the Love and we’re supposed to be writing “About Us” but in reality none of this would have ever happened without your continued support and love.  So, please join us in February 2013.  Let’s come together, once again, to make our collective light burn brighter than ever before for our local Wish Kids! 


Arlynn & Paul Feldman

Event Chairpersons

Share The Love Charity Event!
Arlynn & Paul Feldman


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